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Prompt #5’18 Xavier

One day at Plymouth in the 1850’s the fisherman came back from fishing to have fish sandwiches for lunch.

“What’s it like in Australia?”asked his children.

“I don’t know,I’m not captain cook,but I think it would be a great way to live and celebrate Christmas with your cousins.”said their dad.

“Well let’s get packing!” exclaimed the family.

Prompt #4’18 Kobi

“Clang!!” “Crash!!” “Clang!!”The vase crashed as the cat struck at the bird.Poor little bird, by the way the cat was really mean. The cat kept on striking at the bird but, it got distracted by the pottery owls on the window seal. The bird was free to go and with a flap of it’s little wings it was gone,I wonder what the pottery man will say.


Prompt #4’18 David

One fine sunny morning my brother was having a argument with my dad.So I decided to go down to the pottery shed have some nice peace.When I finally got there I saw there was a lot of excellent a pottery made by my mum.When I sat down it was only a matter of time before the cat started to attack the bird.So I chased the cat away and the bird was happy.

Prompt #4’18 Joel

Have you ever been to a pottery shed?

I have not been to one.

The bird might fly in to the pottery shed then, the big, grey fluffy cat could jump up and chase the little bird right on and into pottery shed.

Then the bird would glide around the pots as light as a feather.

I wonder what would happen if the potter comes back.


Prompt #4’18 Xavier

At the pottery shed the bird is having a wonderful time when suddenly the cat jumped in and started chasing the bird around and around. The cat runs around and knocks all the paint and vases down smashing on the ground making a mess all over the place. All the vases are completely ruined for the sake of it. The cat strikes for the bird but missed again he strikes but misses. Thankfully the owl vases distracts the cat and he tackles them instead will the pottery maker see this mess?


Prompt #3’18 Xavier

On our beach holiday we went to an amazing seaside resort. It had a ginormous theme park that fifty times our resort! My favourite ride was the Ferris wheel and the light house slide because they were really fun. We stayed for one month that’s four weeks. After the holiday we took a train home.

Prompt #3’18 Deke

One holiday I went to a theme park with my family. It was so close to a sandy beach. The first ride we went to was the Ferris wheel but it was kind of really boring. Next we went to the Castle Slide and I got a couple of marks on my skin from going very fast down the hot slide. Once we were finished we went back on the train to home.